My IZIP Dash Electric Bike!

The 101 Freeway jammed as usual. I own the road with Dasher.

By: JJ Hoffman


I am one of the fortunate. I live and work in one of the most beautiful, exciting cities in the world, Los Angeles. The City of Angels. The city tied up in ribbons of freeways, loaded with cars. But as I said, I am fortunate, because I live and work in this great city and I get around on a bicycle.

But not just any bike. Starting now, I zip around on an IZIP E3 Dash, an electric black beauty that gets me from here to there no sweat! I mean that literally, no sweat.

I moved to Los Angeles in 1990 at the age of 22. I didn’t own a car, but I did have a bike. I fell in love with this city on my bike. There is so much to see and do in this exciting place. There is so much you miss traversing at 50 mph and on a freeway.

I live in Hollywood, but today my business took me to first Studio City for a meeting with a potential sponsor of Finish The Ride, Run, Walk and Roll, a fun event I am producing, then a working lunch with my media expert, Justin Hager, in North Hollywood.

If you know LA at all, you know that there are really just a couple of ways to get to over the hill to the Valley where Studio City and North Hollywood are. You can choose the freeway, or Cahuenga Pass, a one lane road that runs parallel to the freeway. It is a steady incline. While in my 20’s I took that hill often as I worked in Burbank, and with relative ease. Now in my late 40’s taking Cahuenga Pass is more difficult. On my old bike, I would definitely feel the pain and certainly arrive at my meeting shaking and sweaty. On this Electric Bike, I have to say, it is just pure pleasure!

My IZIP E3 Dash electric bike or “Dasher” as I am calling him, has four power settings. One is the lowest power assist and four the highest. On my ride this morning to my first meeting, I used the lowest power setting starting out until I hit the hill at Cahuenga and Yucca, then I bumped it up to two. It’s so easy to use. I am not very tech savvy at all. There are two “on” buttons. The first button is on the battery. You just press it once lightly then press the on button on the left handle bar. To change the power assist you just press + for more power and – for less. The display tells you how much power you have left, what setting you are on and how fast you are going.

Once in the Valley, I turned the power back down to one. I didn’t need the extra boost and I wanted to save power as I still had many miles to go!

I arrived at my first meeting, no sweat, fresh and invigorated after the ride. The meeting went great. My potential sponsor was very impressed that I rode from Hollywood and of course very impressed with the bike itself. It’s a great ice breaker to have a cool bike to talk about. All that talk about the IZIP E3 Dash may have contributed to the meeting going a little long. I was afraid I would be late for my next meeting and since I had about 7 miles to ride, I bumped the power up to two even though the terrain was flat. I averaged about 21 miles per hour and got there in about the same time it would have taken me in a car, but so much more fun. Wind in the hair and a song running through my head. Awesome times.

Plans and schemes for world domination with Justin Hager. Dasher taking notes.

Another great meeting with a great friend who let me bring my beautiful Dasher into his office. Thank you for that.

On the way back to Hollywood I was afraid that I might not have enough power to ride the whole way as when you bump up the power settings, it does have a tendency to use more battery. I was having such a good time riding though, I just kept going. I had a small hill to climb so I took Dasher up to two, then on the downhill, back to one. On this electric bike, you shift gears like you would do any multi-speed bike. I shifted up, and breezed down that glorious hill heading back to Hollywood. I felt so free and alive like I always do on a bike.

About two miles away from home, I realized that I still had lots of power left which was such a pleasant surprise. I decided to try out the highest setting, four, just for kicks. Wow. I breezed through the streets at 15 mph while moving my legs like they were puppet legs. It required almost no effort on my part. It was so exhilarating I laughed out loud from the pure joy of speed and freedom on the road. My fellow Angeleno’s cheered me on at the corner of El Centro and Santa Monica. Muchas gracias hombres!

Come with me on my rides as I work and play on my IZIP E3 Dash electric bike.