IZIP E3 Dash Electric Bike

IZIP E3 Dash Electric Bike

With every new bike that hits the market someone in the background has to come up with a new name. The name has to be fresh and new, yet tell about the bike in a descriptive way. I applaud that person as they have really nailed it with the E3 Dash. Just letting this name flow though your mind tells the story of what this electric bike can do for you.

The type of Electric Bike it is can be kind of blurred as you gaze its way. Is it a mountain bike?—a sport bike?—a racer?—a road bike?—cruiser? I guess it is all of these things. Looking kind of like a 29er, it really sports 700c wheels and tires with a wide cross section (also known as 28”). They get the bike up in the air for lots of ground clearance when you need it. The tread is semi-aggressive so they work well on the road as well as all but the toughest trail work. So, mountain bike?

The cockpit is tight and makes you feel in control. With a big enough selection of gears and that Suntour fork you want to really move out during a ride. Big disc brakes bring the confidence and the extra power of the electric-assist brings the thrills. I couldn’t help but ramping it up on many rides. As I worked the trails and roads the bike responded to my commands in a great way. So, sport bike?

Carving some sweet downhill turns and powering up the grades I got the impression of speed over and over. Tucking behind the bars and pumping the pedals imagining I was in front of the pack was exhilarating. If I didn’t look down at the bike, I knew that my Walter Mitty dreams of winning a tour segment was a reality on this mount. This IZIP E3 Dash electric bike has legs, and made mine feel bionic. Zipping from place to place was a world class experience. So, racer?

IZIP E3 Dash Electric Bike

On this IZIP electric bike the miles flowed past easy and smooth. The electric power makes the bike feel light as a feather as those miles got racked up one after the next. While you ride you are in a fairly tucked position, yet not quite all the way. Still I couldn’t get away from comparing this IZIP E3 Dash Electric Bike to my dropped bar vintage road bike. The effort needed to get down the road is minimal (it is a fast electric bike after all), just like the sleekest modern machines those lycra folks ride. So, road bike?

Well, all that dreaming is fun, but I am not that person. I ride bikes for fun, open air and to do my part toward the earth’s needs. Yes, I am more of a cruiser type. Sure I use them for commuting and errands too. The IZIP E3 Dash electric bike fits my needs there and does let the beast in me come out on occasion. The package it puts forth allows a wide range of riding extremes, but just putt-putting down the road is more me. So cruiser bike?—of course.

I enjoy the modern control system that feels my power at the pedals and adds the motor power to match. That way I can ride without thinking about the bike’s needs and concentrate on my own excitement. I would think most anyone would love that feeling. A good bike is more like an extension of the person riding it then its own being. With that criteria, the IZIP E3 Dash Electric Bike is a good bike.

Mountain bike, sport bike, racer, road bike or cruiser, this electric bike is all those things and more. Take one out for a ride and see what bike it is to you. — Turbo Bob.

“Sometimes I ride my bike to nowhere, to see nothing, just so I can ride my bike.”—Anonymous.

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