How I stay in shape with my eBike

(Below is a true account of fitness as submitted by IZIP user, Vu Lee.)

One of the first things I consider when accepting a new job is if I can commute by bike to get some fitness in on my way to work.

It’s worth mentioning that I’ve been riding bikes as long as I can remember and I’ve always tried using the bicycle as an alternative method of transportation whenever I can. As someone who bikes regularly to stay in shape and to train competitively, biking to work has been very beneficial to me.

However when a new job opportunity was too good to pass, I had to reconsider my options of how I would be getting to work. The distance was 26 miles each way and I knew it was not a realistic distance to commute on regular basis.

Commuting by bike would grant me freedom from the LA traffic, but a 52 mile round trip was daunting. However, this is where an eBike comes into play.

I did not know much about eBikes and prior to owning one, I’d never used one extensively. I knew I needed something that was going to be ideal for commuting and the IZIP E3 Moda was exactly that eBike. With the Class 3 Brose motor, a 504W battery pack which provided great range, and features like an integrated rear rack and lights, the E3 Moda was definitely built with the commuter in mind. So with my eBike selected, I was looking forward to commuting via two wheels.

My immediate reaction after spending one week using it was that it was a game changer for those commuting by bike and didn’t just apply to folks with longer commutes.

The assistance from the motor allowed the same amount of effort to cover more ground so what that meant was that you could arrive in timely manner, but you got your workout in. With three levels of assistance, I was able to toggle between getting a workout in and recovering on my rest days.

I saw my eBike as an alternative to a car and less as an alternative to a bicycle. I was commuting to work which meant I wanted to get there in a timely manner and not have to take a shower upon arriving at work. I’m able to start my ride with less assistance from the motor to get a workout before turning up the assistance to allow me to arrive at work without feeling all sweaty and gross.

The eBike was a huge win and has allowed me to commute without having to rely on a car. Since starting my new job, I’ve commuted over 2,000 miles and I couldn’t have done it without my eBike!

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