Learn What The 3 eBike Classes Are

eBike Class

If you’re new to electric bikes, you’ve likely come across mentions of Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 eBikes. But what do those classifications mean?

First, let’s talk about how an electric bike works. Pedaling an eBike engages the motor, providing a boost to your natural pedaling power. Using a throttle engages the motor without pedaling. When an eBike reaches its maximum assisted speed, the motor stops providing power, although you can pedal to go faster, just like on any bicycle.

In the United States, eBikes are classified at the federal level according to two criteria: maximum assisted speed and whether or not they have a throttle. Regardless of class, an eBike’s motor cannot exceed 750 watts, or 1 horsepower. Here’s what the different classes mean:

eBike Classes

Although eBike classes are designated at the federal level, if you’re wondering where it’s legal to ride your eBike, you’ll want to check your state vehicle laws and some municipal regulations. Many states allow you to ride Class 1 and Class 2 eBikes anywhere a bicycle is allowed. Class 3 eBikes are generally not allowed on bike paths or trails but are allowed on most any road, including on-road bike lanes. Trail access varies widely because local land managers often have the authority to regulate which ones are open to eBikes. Check out People For Bikes to learn more about eBike laws, find state by state eBike guides, and explore a list of eMTB rides and routes.

eBike Classes

Most IZIP eBikes are Class 1, providing plenty of pedal assistance for commuting, cruising, and adventuring. With its laid-back beach cruiser style, the Zuma is one of our favorites right now. It’s a versatile choice that’ll give your mood a boost, whether you’re out exploring or multitasking a workout while your run errands.

eBike Classes

If you’d like to take a break from pedaling while you’re zipping around, check out the Class 2 Loma, which has a thumb throttle. With a step thru frame and fenders, you can ride it whenever and wherever, even in your most fabulous outfits.

eBike Classes

Besides offering the pure fun of extra speed, a Class 3 eBike can make a long commute doable and give you more confidence when navigating busy streets. If that sounds like you, take a look at the Dash. It’s decked out with lights, fenders, and a rear rack to make city riding even easier.

The right eBike is just a click away. Give the gift of happiness, freedom, and loads of fun to yourself or someone you love.