Electric Bikes Fill the Holidays with Fun & Function


The holidays are a fun time of year when families and friends get together to celebrate the joy of the season. Gift giving goes right along with the festivities and what could be better to show your appreciation for a loved one than a brand new electric bike! An e-bike might be tricky to fit under the tree, but it's something that will be used and enjoyed long after all the ornaments are taken down and tucked away for next year.

Now that we've got you thinking about electric bikes, maybe it's time to consider what your options are. Like any other gift idea, there's no 'one-size-fits-all' proposition, so you need to take into account where your special someone might like to ride and what they would look for if they were buying it for themselves.

Maybe you're shopping for an intrepid free spirit who likes to get out and explore places off the beaten path? You're in luck! Electric bike technology has made enormous strides in the last couple years and now it's even available in mountain bikes. The E3 Peak DS is a full-suspension e-MTB capable of tackling anything from a gravel roads to true singletrack trail riding. The German engineered Bosch CX Performance Line drive system will help them get to and from favorite adventure points at a refreshing 20 mph and provide such a boost of pedaling power that even going uphill will be fun. The bike is equipped with RockShox suspension front and rear to add that extra level of comfort and control too, giving your thrill seeker the freedom to venture far and wide.

What about the person who's more likely to use a new e-bike for around town transportation? Well, if the focus is on speed and practicality, then the E3 Dash Step Over would make an excellent gift. It's what's known as a Class 3 electric bike because its 350 watt Currie Electro-Drive®/TranzX mid-motor drive system can assist the rider in hitting speeds up to 28 mph. That's faster than the speed limit on a lot of streets! It will cut the time commuting to work and running errands, and make choosing riding the e-bike instead of driving the car for regular trips a no-brainer. That choice is made even easier because the E3 Dash is equipped with a full complement of rack, fenders, hydraulic disc brakes and lighting system to add elements of convenience and safety when navigating city streets.

If casual styling for your urban riding electric bike recipient is more in order, then the E3 Vibe Plus Step Thru should be at the top of your shopping list. Its clean lines, sweeping handlebar and upright riding position give it that classic cruiser feel, letting your rider enjoy fun filled city-wide tours with just the right amount of attitude. The 350 watt Currie Electro-Drive®/TranzX mid-motor drive system certainly helps in that department as it can get them up to 20 mph without breaking a sweat and make the morning coffee run or beach excursion a truly exhilarating experience. Striking just the right balance of fun and utility though, the powerful disc brakes add a sense of safety to modulate the easy speed and the sturdy kickstand keeps the bike standing confidently while they're in the café waiting for a latte.

As you can see, electric bikes come in all shapes and size, so no matter what the rider on your gift giving list might want, rest assured that there are plenty of options available to suit any need or want. Take a bit of time choosing the right one, and then rejoice in the notion that you have given someone a present that they will enjoy and use for many years to come.