Where can I ride my IZIP eMTB on natural surface trails?

We are working to promote better access to eMTBs and are cataloguing great eMTB rides throughout the U.S. Today there are thousands of miles of natural surface trails that are open to eMTBs, generally classified for motorized use. This is changing rapidly and some states are allowing eMTBs on mountain bike trails. We are developing resources so that you can find trails that are open to eMTB use nearby to cities. Take a look at some of these helpful resources available today:

  • Download an eMTB Trail Etiquette Guide here

Where can I ride my eMTB (list in progress)?

  • National Recreation Trails Database Search Results here
  • A State-by-State Inventory here.

Note: We are partnering with MTB Project to develop a comprehensive map of eMTB-accessible trails in the U.S., as well as "eMTB Adventures" that highlight iconic eMTB rides:

  • eMTB Adventure Map's:
  1.   Crested Butte
  2.   Sun Valley
  3.   Hood River
  4.   Cuyuna Lakes
  5.   Monarch Crest

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