An eBike Family Day Out!

Family ebike

When you think of a weekend out with the family, what comes to mind?

Does it feel like a monumental task that begins with bribing the kids into the car with toys and sweets, followed by a road trip with a screaming soundtrack, only to arrive with your nerves shot, fully prepared to go to war for a parking spot?

(Ugh, we’re feeling wilted before we even get to play!)

How about something different (read : less stressful, more fun) for your weekend family day out?

Attach a child trailer behind your eBike (or a seat behind the amazing Yuba Spicy Curry Cargo Bike), cajole your older kids and spouse onto matching eBikes and head to a nearby park for a picnic, or into town for some culture.

With eBikes, you don’t have to worry about huffing and puffing with your child trailer or leaving anyone behind because it’s a breeze to keep up. Plus hills are now easy peasy for the little or less fit.

Family Days on eBikes mean:

“Hey look at that tree, do you know what it is?”

“ I see an ice-cream man, shall we stop for a cone or two?”

“Hey honey, I didn’t know this path was here, let’s explore on the way back.”

eBikes not only reconnect your whole family to the outdoors, it makes spending time with them much more pleasurable!

(Plus, toy and sweet bribes not needed.)



How creative can you get on your eBike Family Day out?

All this month, we’re encouraging the eBike community to trade driving for eBiking and share their adventures via Instagram. Participants will be entered to win a special IZIP swag box! No purchase necessary, you don’t even have to own an IZIP brand eBike!

Details and rules for participation can be found here.